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Purchasing fake sporting goods products? THINK AGAIN!


By buying counterfeit items, not only could you end up with a flawed product, you are supporting an illegal trade that could involve serious criminal activity.

Many people think they are just getting a bargain. But a fake item of sporting equipment, footwear or apparel could be supporting other serious criminal activity. Several reports from Interpol, the OECD and other bodies have found established links between counterfeiting and other forms of serious and organised international crime.

When you buy that fake golf club, or the fake polo shirt think about whether you would be comfortable supporting drug traffiking, people smuggling or terrorism? Because that is exactly what you might be doing.

You can play an important role in combating counterfeiting of trade marks by not purchasing counteerfeit goods or not bringing counterfeit goods into Australia.  In some circumstances counterfeit goods imported into Australia are liable to seizure by Customs and people importing such goods may be subject to civil litigation or criminal prosecution.

There has been a significant increase in counterfeiting and piracy since 1998.  Customs seizures globally have increased 1000% in that time.

The Counterfeit Alert Network is taking this issue very seriously.

The Network has been established by the Australian Sporting Goods Association (ASGA) the peak industry body for the sporting goods and active lifestyle industry.

If you have purchased a product that was counterfeit please report it.



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